• Elliot Jacobs, UK Postmaster, Post Office


    As a multiple franchise operator, Elliot has demonstrated consistent high-level performance in the branches that he has taken on from DMB status. Indeed the travel money sales and mail volumes represent some of the busiest branches in the UK.

    Elliot was appointed a Non-Executive Director to the Main Board of Post Office in 2021. He was also appointed to the Audit & Risk Committee in 2022. In this role he is actively working with many different contacts across the Post Office to help develop and improve products, processes and systems for improved customer and postmaster experience.

  • Elliot Jacobs, UOE Stores, Retailer

    Service at the heart of everything

    With over 25 years of retail experience and serving around 1.5m customers each year, Elliot knows customer service is key, which is why he has continued to innovate and develop a profitable and successful retail model that sees repeat and growing customer retention and long-term team member retention and career progression.

  • Elliot Jacobs, Postmaster, UK with Postman Pat for NSPCC

    Supporting the community

    In Elliot’s opinion, charities and good causes are also at the centre of local communities. Therefore, it feels right to support charities and local community projects which resonate with the hearts and minds of our customers. These include:

    •  NSPCC
    •  London Air Ambulance
    •  St Martins School, East Finchley

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