• Elliot Jacobs, Facilitator, UK


    As Facilitator at any event, Elliot understands that he must carefully guide the delegates through the session.

    When asked to describe Elliot’s approach, delegates described him as:

    • A true motivator: “Elliot ignited a fire within me, I really wanted to be involved”
    • Taskmasker: “Elliot kept everything on track, not easy with so many people but we all appreciated the fact we got through everything”
    • Active listener: “He seemed to not just listen but really hear what we were saying”
    • Fast paced: “The session went so quickly. I really enjoyed it – when can we do it again”
    • Fun: “Yes, it was hard work but I really enjoyed it, and had a lot of fun!”
    • Creative: “I don’t know how he thinks these things up, but it helped us to creatively problem solve”


  • Elliot Jacobs, Facilitator, UK

    Business Events

    Business events, whether face to face or virtual, require a commanding facilitator, adept at inspiring, motivating and leading people.

    Starting with your event goals in mind, Elliot will custom-make each session to guide delegates through the process to an effective result ensuring that each person is included, heard and valued.

    A true ‘people-person’, Elliot deploys a results-orientated approach and plans sessions that prioritise group participation, consensus-based decision making and clear commitments on delivering outcomes.

  • Elliot Jacobs Zoom Facilitator

    Zoom Facilitation

    Are you hosting an event or webinar using Zoom?

    As everyone adjusts to the new reality of virtual meetings, virtual exhibitions, virtual events and virtual team building days, it is more important than ever to have a dynamic, energic flow in order to keep delegates engaged throughout a session.

    Elliot is skilled in Zoom Facilitation, bringing his unique style and extensive experience to ensure your event is planned, guided and managed to ensure the groups objectives are met effectively.

    Elliot ensures that all delegates participate in the session and ensures full buy-in from everyone involved.

  • Elliot Jacobs, Facilitator, UK

    EO Accelerator & Strategy Summit Facilitator

    Elliot is one of the highest rated Master Facilitators at the Entrepreneurs Organization. He has led sessions across the world both virtually and in person, helping members of the EO Accelerator programme to exponentially grow and master their business using the Scaling Up principles of People, Strategy, Execution and Cash.

    He works with many multinational companies to help them plan and execute their annual strategic planning sessions. He also helps them keep on track by providing regular ‘check-in and challenge’ sessions, which also keeps stakeholders accountable for their priorities and focused across the year.

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