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About Elliot

Postmaster, Retailer, Entrepreneur, Facilitator, Non-Executive Director


  • Postmaster

    Post Office advocate and high street retail ambassador, Elliot Jacobs owns and operates the franchises for the following Post Office branches:

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  • Retailer

    Being an independent High Street retailer in the 21st century is a major challenge! Utilising his extensive retail and commercial experience gained across Europe, Elliot identified and implemented the successful business model which integrates the Post Office franchise with the UOE Store.

    The consequent footfall increase is “the proof of the pudding”, with each branch experiencing significant, double-digit growth year-on-year consistently.

    Elliot is fully committed to keeping UOE Post Offices as an integral part of the local neighbourhood.

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  • Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneurial by nature, Elliot drives forward his business interests with passion, enthusiasm and a good sense of humour!

    This is evidenced with additional business ventures, including the UOE Hub – a trendy, coworking cohort that has become a vibrant part of the local business community, whilst also delivering additional profit from utilising surplus floor space.

    With a proven track record in developing highly effective retail business models, Elliot is regularly approached to facilitate at Business Conferences where he inspires others to grow their businesses.

    Elliot’s other business passion is travelling around the world to inspire entrepreneurs to learn and grow through his work as an Accelerator Trainer and Strategy Facilitator at Entrepreneurs Organization.

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Elliot Jacobs is regularly booked to facilitate at business events related to entrepreneurship, retail and motivation.


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